Bandai has announced a new card-based confectionary series called “Choujuu Giga Gao Road Chocolate”, and the “Vol. 0” will go on sale on March 22, 2021 for 20 JPY (tax not included).

The “Choujuu Giga Gao Road” series is set in the Beast King World, a world ruled by star beasts, and tells the story of humans who go on adventures with star beasts through cards and smartphone applications.

“Choujuu Giga Gao Road Chocolate” a card in each of them.
There are two types of cards: the specially printed “Scope Card” and the “Beaster Card”. When placed on top of each other, a hidden design becomes visible.
This gimmick, in which different designs appear depending on the combination of cards, is the key to the story and the card battle game, and the more cards you collect, the more fun you will have.

The “Choujuu Giga Gao Road Chocolate” will go on sale sequentially from March 22.
“Vol 0” will be sold for 20 JPY each (tax not included) during this trial campaign.