A necklace inspired by ‘Magical Pen’ and ‘Candy’ featured in “Disney: Twisted-Wonderland” has been released. It is on sale at ‘U-TREASURE Online Shop’.

As the motif of the ‘Magical Pen’, a colored stone inspired by each dorm’s magic stone is used. For ‘Candy’, each character’s item is used.
A total of 22 designs include each dorm’s manager and students of Night Raven Collage.

For ‘Magical Pen & Candy Neckless’, silver material is priced at 15,400 JPY (tax included) each, K18 yellow and K18 pink gold are priced at 88,000 JPY (tax included) each, and platinum 950 is priced at 110,000 (tax included) each. They are currently on sale at ‘U-TREASURE Online Shop’.

‘Magical Pen & Candy Neckless’
Price with tax, material: 15,400 JPY (silver), 88,000 JPY (K18 yellow / pink gold), 110,000 JPY (platinum950)
Heartslabyul (stone: ruby), Savanaclaw (stone: citrine), Octavinelle (stone: white sapphire), Scarabia (stone: garnet), Pomefiore(stone: amethyst), Ignihyde(stone: blue topaz), Diasomnia (stone: peridot)