The trailer and poster visual for the second part of “Sailor Moon Eternal,” which will be released on February 11, 2021, have been released.

In the poster visual, the ten Sailor Warriors who have been “Eternalized” into their ultimate form are gathered together. Eternal Sailor Moon brightly lights up the darkness with the moon light, and the determined faces of the Sailor Warriors fighting and supporting each other raise expectations.

In the trailer released at the same time, the curtain rises on the External Solar System Warriors and Super Sailor Saturn’s voice saying, “Wake up.” The battle against Dead Moon is in its final phase. Super Sailor Moon’s “Phantom Silver Crystal” is taken away, and in the midst of a desperate situation, Super Sailor Moon rises again with the presence of her friends and loved ones and her mission in mind, and with the help of the 9 Warriors and Tuxedo Mask , she powers up into her ultimate form, Eternal Sailor Moon. They will face the final battle against Nehalennia.

Also, the admission present for the first part of the theatrical version of ” Moon Eternal”, which will be released on January 8, 2021, was announced. The design is based on the “Carddass” cards that were popular among children in the 1990s. It is a nostalgic and cute item that includes a setting picture drawn by Tadano Kazuko, the character designer for this film.

The second part of the film “Sailor Moon Eternal” will be released on February 11, 2021.

(c) Takeuchi Naoko, PNP / “Sailor Moon Eternal ” Production Committee