With full cooperation from Aniplex, the anime production company that handled “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba”, JRA (Japan Racing Association) released a virtual anime opening movie for the “Arima Kinen”, “Shissou no Fanfare ~Arima Kinen-hen~”. Lay-duce of “RELEASE THE SPYCE” and “O Maidens in Your Savage Season” produced the animation, and ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION’s major debut song “Mirai no Hahen” was used as the theme song.

“Shissou no Fanfare ~Arima Kinen-hen~” is a short anime that depicts the drama of Arima Yuu, the up-and-coming young jockey, improving himself through rivalries with other jockeys, experiencing many races, and aims for the stage of his dream, “Arima Kinen”.
You can see the agony and conflicting feelings of the characters getting prepared for and looking forward to the races, and the race scene with the chorus of the theme song, “Mirai no Hahen”, in the back is so intense.

The official website has introductions of the story, characters, goods, and the staff, just like an official website of a real anime.

“Shissou no Fanfare ~Arima Kinen-hen~” is currently streaming on YouTube. Let’s watch the anime and get hyped for the “65th Arima Kinen (G1)”, held on December 27, 2020.
Also, a “Commercial-like Poster” will be put up at certain Tower Records and HMV shops from December 21 to 27.