A dress and skirt from Disney’s Twisted Wonderland were available for order on ‘R4G Special Site’ from12:00 noon on November 13, 2020.

This time, a dress and skirt with original patterns of each dormitory and metal pins of each dormitory will be available.

“7Dormitories Maxi Shirts Dress” is a comfortable maxi length shirt one-piece dress with original design cut back. It features a decorative “T” and “W” embroidered on the chest, and the name of the dormitory is typographically printed on the belt.

The “7Dormitories Maxi Skirt” is a long skirt with a combination of the original patterns of each of the seven dormitories. Just like the dress, it has a turnaround design and can be worn with any coordination.

“TW Emblem Pins” are metal pins of each dormitory’s emblem.
Also, as a purchase bonus, you will receive a limited edition original shopper with a purchase of 5,500 JPY (tax included) or more.

Orders for these ‘Disney Twisted Wonderland’ items were available on the ‘R4G Special Site’ from 12:00 noon on November 13.