From ‘Aura Battler Dunbine’ comes a figure of Wing Caliber “Barraw” from ‘Saint Danbine’ in the ‘Spirit of Robot’ series. Premium Bandai is currently accepting reservations for this item.

This item ‘Robot Spirits: SIDE AB’ Barraw’ is the first item of the main wing caliber of Drake’s army, developed by Shot Weapon.

The action of the main unit can be recreated with the separately sold ‘Robot Spirits’, ‘Drumlo’, ‘Virunbeeby’ and ‘Bastole’, allowing you to recreate the aerial battles in the series.
It’s also a joy to see how the display features a cobblestone-paved pedestal to recreate the world of Byston Well.

The price of “Robot Spirits Barrow” is 14,300 JPY (including tax). Pre-orders are now being accepted on ‘Premium Bandai’; the item will be shipped in April 2021.

(C) Sotsu, Sunrise