The PV of the TV anime “Hortensia Saga” 2nd season, which is scheduled to start broadcasting from Jan. 2021, has been released. At the same time, the second key visual and additional cast were announced.

The TV anime “Hortensia Saga” is based on the war record RPG “Hortensia Saga -Ao no Kishidan-” available for iOS / Android. The animation is produced by Liden Films, and directed by Nishikata Yasuhito, who is known for “The Seven Deadly Sins the Movie: Prisoners of the Sky”.

The PV released this time is the first video that shows characters’ voices in action. The narration is performed by Horie Yui, who plays the role of Mariyus Casteledo, and the sound source of the new song “LEADER” of MY FIRST STORY, which is the OP theme of this work, was unveiled for the first time.

Moreover, additional cast have been announced as well. Koyasu Takehito will play the role of the father of the main protagonist, Fernando Ober, Kakihara Tetsuya will play the role of Leon D. Olivier, the head of the Principality of Olivier, and Kobayashi Yu will play the role of his adopted daughter, Adelheid Olivier. Also, Nomura Kenji, EguchiTakuya, Yuka Otsubo, Kazuma Horie, Shuichi Ikeda, and others will also appear.

The TV anime “Hortensia Saga” will be broadcast from Jan. 2021.

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