The anime “Tiger & Bunny 2” (starting in 2020) started looking for sponsors that want to put their logos on the heroes for product placement.

“Tiger & Bunny” is a hero action anime set in a fictional city, Stern Bild City, protected by superheroes with special abilities called “NEXT”.
The heroes have product placement sponsors that exist in real life, and in the 1st season in 2011, the heroes had logos such as “SoftBank”, “BANDAI”, “”, “pepsi NEX”, “Gyuukaku”, and “”.

Applications for product placement sponsors will be accepted from 6:00 P.M. Oct. 1 to 6:00 P.M. Oct. 7, 2020. Only corporations can apply, and the placement spot, price, and other conditions will be discussed and decided by Oct. 16.
Check out the special webpage for further information.

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