One of the most exciting things for working people and part-time workers is “payday”. Is there anything you want or need to buy?

This time, Anime!Anime! will be introducing you to desired items during payday and it will be split into “Gunpla & Robot Figure Part” and “Character Figure Part”. This article will be focused on the “Character Figure Part”.

The gap between the innocent expression and the lingerie appearance of Hashima Izumi from “SaeKano” will surely make your heart throb.

The figure is based on the bonus original illustration in the Blu-ray/DVD Vol. 1. The youthful and lively smile of Izumi, the white skin, and the translucence from her straight hair will surely catch your attentions.

Kochou Shinobu’s graceful dance “Insect Breathing, Butterfly Dance: Caprice”

This figure is a recreation of Kochou Shinobu dancing gracefully while releasing one of her techniques. The beautiful smile and the gravity defying posture were created carefully to express the elegance and beauty of Shinobu.

Zenitsu and Inosuke looking upward, it’s too sly!

Agatsuma Zenitsu and Hashibira Inosuke from “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba” have become figures under the new figure series “Look Up” which is based on the theme of “Look up” and the special feature is the cute gesture of the figure looking upward. As it is looking upward while sitting down, it can be used as a decoration on the table and it is easier to meet eye to eye with it compared to a normal figure.

Asuna, Shinon, Leafa… the three goddess are the best

This is a figure of the three battle goddesses, Asuna, Shinon, and Leafa appearing in their lingerie. Be charmed by their lingerie appearance, which is based on an original illustration, along with their womanly trait. By lining Asuna, who is looking in front, the embarrassed Shinon, and Leafa with her tremendous proportions, together, a healing space will surely be created.

Nico Robin’s in the charming and sexy Wano Country clothing…

This is a figure of O-Robin, name of Robin in Wano Country clothing, from “One Piece”. It was created based on the cover of volume 91 of the original manga. It is a design that was created with precision from the kimono’s pattern to the obi, and the hair accessories to the folding fan.

Kirito and Asuna… the trajectory of the 10th anniversary of “SAO” can be felt

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the original light novel of “Sword Art Online”, a figure of the Black Swordsman Kirito and Lightning Flash Asuna standing back-to-back, was announced. From the hair to the clothing, all of it were created carefully and the precision coloring has recreated the gentle atmosphere from the illustration. Do check out the pedestal with the “SAO” 10th anniversary logo.

Did any of these catch your attention? The detailed information, such as the pre-order/purchase method, can be found on each official website. As there are some product which are close to the pre-order deadline, do check it out as soon as possible.