Goods inspired by Nyanko Sensei and Triple Nyanko Sensei from “Natsume’s Book of Friends”, have been announced by “Canaria”. They will be released nationwide at anime shops and other shops from mid-Nov. 2020.

The four convenient items that have been announced are “PU Compact Mirror”, which has two mirror sides and is easy to carry, “Drawstring Purse” to store small accessories, “Mini Tote Bag” that is suitable to store your lunch box or to quickly go shopping, and “Synthetic Leather Badge”, which warmth can be felt from the softness of the synthetic leather.
As each item has bright colors, enjoy the sense of unity when using all of them together.

“PU Compact Mirror” is priced at 900 JPY (tax excluded), “Drawstring Purse” is priced at 1,000 JPY (tax excluded), “Mini Tote Bag” is priced at 1,500 JPY (tax excluded), and “Synthetic Leather Badge” is priced at 500 JPY (tax excluded).

(C)Midorikawa Yuki・Hakusensha/Natsume’s Book of Friends Project