The Berserker class servant, Lancelot from “Fate/Grand Order” has become a full action figure. The product can be pre-ordered at “Union Creative” now.

Lancelot has become an overall 170 mm tall full action figure. It also comes with two types of weapons which are Lancelot's beloved sword “Aroundight” and the “Steel Pillar” from the work.

The head part of the armor has a ball joint which enables it to be move. The accessories attached on his back has built-in wired which allow to create various positions that give off different ambiance. By combining the 6 accessories together with “Aroundight”, it allow the recreation of the 3rd ascension appearance.

“Fate/Grand Order Berserker/ Lancelot Action Figure” is priced at 14,080 JPY (tax included). Pre-orders are currently available at “Union Creative”.