From “Dragon Ball Z” comes a high-quality statue of Vegeta, the prince of the Saiyan race, with an overall height of about 65cm. Pre-orders are currently available at “Premium Bandai”.

The product is a statue of the Super Saiyan Vegeta that was co-produced by the domestic large statue maker “Prime 1 Studio” and “Mega House”.
Vegeta's representative move, the “Big Bang Attack”, has been reproduced in a powerful pose.

The effect part has a built-in LED light-up function. Also, additional facial expressions are included, which are the Normal & Super Saiyan “straight face”, the Super Saiyan “big smiling face”, and the Super Saiyan “smiling face”. Fans will be able to enjoy recreating the self-confident Vegeta with a variety of expressions.
Moreover, it also comes with replaceable parts for its right hand, which can be replaced with a “Big Bang Attack” effect hand, a hand posed for the attack, and an open hand.

It also comes with a lightning effect that is attachable to its body, and with a stone part that can be attached when the effect is off, allowing you to recreate the subtle differences in its power.
The “aura” rising from the base also has a built-in LED light-up function, giving it a “Dragon Ball” atmosphere.

“PRIME1STUDIO x MegaHouse Mega Premium Master Line Dragon Ball Z Vegeta (Super Saiyan) DX” is priced at 162,800 yen (tax included). Pre-orders are now being accepted on “Premium Bandai”, while shipping is scheduled for Nov. 2021.

(C) Bird Studio / Shueisha, Toei Animation