From “Dragon Ball Super”, “Shenron” and “Dragon Balls” will appear in the character-based Japanese traditional sweets (Wagashi) series line-up “Tabe-Masu”. The product will be available nationwide at nationwide FamilyMart stores from Jul. 28, 2020.

“Tabe-Masu Dragon Ball Super” is aconsists of “Japanese sweets for men” inspired by the seven Dragon Balls which are scattered all over the Earth and Shenron, a dragon that will appear only if you collect all the seven Dragon Balls and make your wish come true.

Shenron is a green tea-flavored Nerikiri, which contains tea leaves. It has been made with the best techniques of Wagashi making, and every detail of the dragon body, from the red and imposing eyes to the whiskers, claws, and tail, was carefully reproduced.
The Dragon Balls are Mochigashi made with custard-flavored cream wrapped in dough. Besides the original seven spheres, two unrevealed types are included, making a total of 9 spheres.
With Shenron and the Dragon Balls, fans will be happy to enjoy tasting two different flavors.

“Tabe-Masu Dragon Ball Super” is priced at 369 JPY (excluding tax). It will be available nationwide in limited quantities at the chilled dessert corner of nationwide FamilyMart stores from Jul. 28.

(C) Bird Studio / Shueisha, Fuji Television Network, Toei Animation