The title of the latest series in the all-media “School Idol Project” will be “Love Live! Superstar!!”. “School Idol Project”, which works under the motto of “stories that can fulfill your wishes” decided on the new title.

“Love Live!” is a series that follows the stories of high-school girls who fulfill their dreams of becoming “school idols”. Until now, we've followed groups such as μ, aqours, and Nijigasaki High School Idol Club, as they have expanded to every form of media, from CD releases, anime and games, to live showss.

The new series “Love Live! Superstar!!” will start producing its TV animation, alongside an open cast call for auditions (applications closed) and an interactive reader type polling through “LoveLive! Days Love Live! General Magazine”

Please wait for the the future projects by “Love Live! Superstar!!”

(C) Project Love Live! Superstar