From the TV anime “Healin' Good PreCure” comes the visual of the new character Cure Earth, which will appear this summer. In addition, a comment has been received from Mimori Suzuko, the voice of Fuurin Asumi, aka Cure Earth.

“Healin' Good PreCure” is the 17th series. After encountering the “medical trainee” Healing Animals, the 3 normal girls can transform into PreCures, and they have to face against the “Byogens”, who are trying to make the Earth sick. A story about their struggles together to “cure Earth” unfolds.

Mimori Suzuko, who will be voicing Fuurin Asumi / Cure Earth, said, “Through this series, I hope that many people and children will enjoy and that we can treat their hearts.”

The broadcast date of this work, which had been postponed due to the new coronavirus, has been rescheduled on Jun. 28.

Cure Earth will be appearing in this summer's “Healin' Good PreCure”.

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Mimori Suzuko as Cure Earth / Fuurin Asumi
“Since the beginning of my voice acting career, I've been aiming definitely to be a PreCure someday for a long time.
I was so happy when I received the result of my audition for the role, I jumped up and down with my manager.
Even after the recording has been startedbegan, I couldn't believe it…, I feel like I'm receiving a reward every time.
My first impression on Cure Earth (Fuurin Asumi) was that she was soft and gentle, and had a little mysterious image.
I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of character she will grow into in the future.
There are many charms of the PreCure series…, strong, cute, and unique characters that are packed with girls' yearnings.
Not only that, but the storyline has a lot of depth, and there are many points that can resonate with children and adults alike, and I am fascinated by them.
This latest series “Healin' Good PreCure” is about the PreCure girls who protect the Earth from attacks by the Byougens. And coincidentally, the whole world is in this situation right now. Through this series, I hope that many people and children will enjoy and that we can treat their hearts.”

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