“Sumikko Gurashi” appears in the latest work of Ichiban Kuji (character lottery). It includes collectibles such as stuffed animals and figure charms that were developed under the theme of “Donut shop”. It will be limited released from Jun. 27, 2020, at FamilyMart and Sumikko Gurashi shops.

This product is the Ichiban Kuji (character lottery) that uses the “Sumikko Gurashi” latest theme “Donuts shop”.
Top class includes large stuffed animals are “Shiro Kuma,” “Penguin,” “Tonkatsu,” and “Lizard,” dressed up as donut clerk. The stuffed toys are about 30 cm and give a feeling of softness.

Also, for the lower grade classes, a donut-like figure charm with a small Sumikko companion, Miniko, riding on a Sumikko donut, a takeaway donut charm, a “Tableware collection”, using the art theme of this time, “Towel collection” and popular items are available.
The last prize that comes when you take the last lottery ticket is a “Cat clerk’s stuffed toy” about 30 cm size.

“Ichiban Kuji Sumikko Gurashi – How about Donuts?” will be on sale from Jun. 27, 2020, only at FamilyMart and Sumikko Gurashi shops.

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