The wagashi (Japanese Confectionary) model after “Shirokuma” and “Penguin?” from “Sumikko Gurashi” are here. It will be released as a new product under the wagashi series “TabeMas”, and it will be available at nationwide Family Mart from Mar. 24, 2020.

The item is the new product under the character wagashi brand “Taberareru Mascot” (Edible Mascot) short for “TabeMas”.
The featured characters of “Sumikko Gurashi”, which was expressed as a wagashi, are the lonely and sensitive to cold “Shirokuma” and “Penguin?” who is not sure whether he is a penguin.

Their new get-up is “Shirokuma” holding a sakura in its hand while “Penguin?” is wearing a sakura crown. Both of them are holding their hands in front while standing still with their small round and cute eyes.
Moreover, the highlight of each character is that it was expressed as a plump “Narikiri”. The filling is strawberry flavor (Shirokuma) and custard flavor (Penguin?), and it will leave a delicate aftertaste which is wagashi's uniqueness.

“TabeMas Sumikko Gurashi” ~Spring is the time to view the Sakura~” is priced at 369 JPY (tax excluded). It will be available at the chill dessert corner of the nationwide Family Mart from Mar. 24, 2020.

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