Details of the “Cup Noodles × BanG Dream! Girls Band Pary!” collaboration has been announced. Information such as the visual of the 7 vocals from each band and the special collaboration set of Cup Noodles and goods have been revealed.

The visual depicts the vocals from the 7 bands in “Girls Band Party” including Toyama Kasumi, Minato Yukina, and Layer, enjoying eating Cup Noodles.

There are 2 special collaboration sets: A set and B set. A set has 7 flavors of Cup Noodles, a tote bag, 7 designs of clear file folders, and a special talk CD. And B set has a T-shirt instead of the tote bag and clear file folders.
The special talk CD, which is included in both sets, has a talk session of the vocal characters in it. Their conversation will surely make you want to eat Cup Noodles.

Both special collaboration sets have a limited quantity and are priced at 5,500 JPY (tax included). Pre-orders will start at 00:00 p.m. Jul. 1, at the Nissin Foods official online store.

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