From TV Anime “Dororo” comes the scale figure of “Hyakkimaru” with a unique design by Kamitsure Sayoko. Preorders are available at “Good Smile Company”.

The product “Hyakkimaru featuring Sayoko Kamitsure” is a figure of a post-fight Hyakkimaru which is still based on the original design of the anime, but at the same time features a special arrangement added by Kamitsure Sayoko.
The figure is flashy in a moderate way and also expresses both a sense of delicacy and strength. Fans will be able to feel the distinctive atmosphere of the show.

“Hyakkimaru featuring Sayoko Kamitsure” is priced at 14,000 yen (tax included). Pre-orders are available at “Good Smile Company”, and the release is scheduled for Jun. 2021.

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Prototype Designer: Kamitsure Sayoko
I was aiming to create a model which fans would be able to feel the various and unique mental traits of Hyakkimaru by observing the spirit and the undying determination revealed from his expression, and the different emotions that can be seen from his back and other angles.

I was particularly careful about prosthetic arms and legs. I simulated the range of motion of the joints to make it able to move in a realistic way.

Also, you can take a look at the contrast between the prosthetic and real parts of the body which can be clearly seen in the right foot that steps firmly on the rock and the inorganic left foot laid on the same rock.

Dororo (C) Tezuka Productions / Twin Engine