Release of the first Blu-ray BOX of the anime “Kodomo no Omocha” has been decided. The “Elementary School edition” includes episodes from 1 to 51 will be released in Jul. 22, 2020, and the “Junior High School edition”includes episodes 52 to 102 will be released on Sep. 30th.

“Kodomo no Omocha” is a TV anime series that broadcast in 1996-1998, based on Obana Miho's manga with the same title.
Kurana Sana, who is active in the entertainment world despite being a young child, had a problem with Hayama Akito, the problem child from the same class. However, while understanding why Hayama being cruel, the distance between them gradually decreasing…

In Blu-ray BOX, all 102 episodes of the TV anime series are divided into “Elementary School version” and “Junior High School version”.
It is a large volume that exceeds about 10 hours per sheet, and it's greatthat a special booklet is included.

The “Kodomo no Omocha” Blu-ray BOX Elementary School will be released on Jul. 22, and the Junior High School Blu-ray BOX will be released on Sep. 30. The price is 26,000 JPY (excluding tax).

(C) Obana Miho / Shueisha / NAS