The TV anime series “Sakura Wars the Animation” will be released on ABEMA Video for unlimited streaming from May 24 to May 30.

“Sakura Wars the Animation” is based on the dramatic 3D action-adventure, which depicts the fights of “Imperial Combat Revue” against evil in imperial Tokyo in the “Taisho Period” (The period in the history of Japan dating from 30 July 1912 to 25 December 1926).

The main character designer is Kubo Taito, well known as the author of “BLEACH”, and the characters of Combat Revues around the world were designed by Horiguchi Yukiko, BUNBUN, Shimada Fumikane, Sogumori Ken, Itou Noizi, and Soejima Shigenori. The music was composed by Tanaka Kouhei, who has provided many musical compositions to the former “Sakura Wars” series.

This streaming is planned to be of episodes 1 to 8. Watch them and you will be ready for the latest episode approaching the story's climax.

The unlimited streaming of the TV anime “Sakura Wars the Animation” is only on ABEMA Video from May 24 to May 30.