The additional cast for “Date A Live” spin-off “Date A Bullet” has been decided. Oonishi Saori, Hondo Kaede, Ise Mariya, and others. In addition, the first part of this work, “Date A Bullet: Dead or Bullet”, will be screened at national theaters.

The main character of this work is Tokisaki Kurumi, who boasts a unique presence in “Date A Live”.
Being trained to manipulate time by the angel Zaphkiel, Tokisaki, who is the worst spirit with many mysteries up to her actions, thoughts, and purposes, descends into a corner of the parallel world, where no humans or even spirits exist…
A crazy war-dating-has been pulled on her left eye right now.

Oonishi Saori, Hondo Kaede, Ise Mariya have been decided as the additional cast members. Oonishi as the White Queen, Hondo as Higoromo Hibiki, and Ise as Tsuan. In addition, well-known voice actors such as Hidaka Rina, Seto Asami, Fujiwara Natsumi, and others gathered together. Comments fulfilled with the enthusiasm have also arrived.

Moreover, the first part of this work, “Date A Bullet: Dead or Bullet”, will be screened at national theaters. More details will be announced later.

<Full comments are below>
[White Queen: Oonishi Saori]
I become a part of the historical work spin-off “Date A Bullet: Dead or Bullet” as the White Queen. While valuing the world view, I would like to perform carefully so that everyone can feel a sense of incongruity in a good way because it is a slightly special character.

[Higoromo Hibiki:Hondo Kaede ]
I'm Hondo Kaede, and I'm playing the role of Higoromo Hibiki. Hibiki-chan is a girl with an easy-going personality who never loses her enthusiasm. In this work, I'm troubling Kurumi! Please, enjoy the first and the second parts as well! Sincerely, Hondo!

[Tsuan: Ise Mariya]
I am playing “Tsuan”, a girl who loves fighting under the nickname Biscuit Smasher. I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of fight I will have with Kurumi. Please enjoy it!

[Ibusuki Panie: Hidaka Rina]
While reading the script, I was thrilled by thinking, what kind of fight will expect the characters… Who is aiming for what… What are their objectives…. Ibusuki Panie, who I've been voicing this time, showed various expressions, so it was fun to play her. It's a spin-off of “Date A Live”, which has been loved by many fans for a long time, so I hope it will meet everyone's expectations. Please, enjoy it!

[Sagakure Yui: Seto Asami]
I'm Seto Asami who voiced Sagakure Yui. At the moment of writing this comment, I'm looking forward to seeing how Sagakure Yui has been drawn in the story. I will do my best to bring out her charm.

[Hijikata Isami: Fujiwara Natsumi]
Congratulations on the anime adaptation! I'm very happy to be a part of it. Isn't it nice to have girls who love fighting… I am looking forward to seeing what kind of battle is waiting for us! I hope to see a lot of action! I feel nervous, but I think I will enjoy the work! Please look forward to it!

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