Char Aznable, the popular “red comet” in the “Gundam” series, gives a presentation of the the deliciousness of oil sardines!?… A collaborative video full of laughter has been released.

This project was created to commemorate the release of the limited collaboration package “Oil Chardines” by character designer Kotobuki Tsukasa.
Ikeda Shuichi, Char Aznable's voice actor, participated in the collaboration video release.
In this video, the red comet Char, being unable to hide his surprise of Oil Sardin specksand says, “Kono Oishisa wa Bakemono ka?!” (What kind of monster is this deliciousness?!). He also introduces you to some ideas on how to eat it like “Putting it in a salad,” “Putting it in pasta,” or “Nibbling it with drinks.”.

He presented an “Unexpectedly gourmet” side of himself.

Also, a special website has been set up, and he highly prases it's taste, “This taste is is no joke!” You can also learn some recipes for oil sardines, which are inspired by Char's theme color, red..

Char and Char's special MS also appear on posters and package designs. It may be worth checking out his “activities”.