May 8 is Security Day.

Today is the memorial day which was decided by playing numbers 5 and 8, which can read as “goyou”. In historical dramas, police carries a lantern with a word “goyou” (have a business, to arrest), and it is memorable to see them chasing and arresting the thief.

Thief characters are popular also in the anime. There are many kinds of thief, including the one who only targets the rich, steals not only valuable items but also the heart of the people, or always failing to steal the target item. Who is the most popular character among them?

Here at Anime!Anime!, we conducted a reader's survey asking “Who reminds you of a thief character?”. The survey was conducted from Apr. 28 to May. 5, and received a total of 118 answers.
For male-female ratio, the females made up the majority with approximately 75%, while the males made up approximately 25%. For age group, 19-year old or under made up with approximately 45%, while 20's made up approximately 30%.

■Top was Phantom Thief Kid. The character from the anime with nationwide popularity ranked high
The 1st place was Phantom Thief Kid from “Magic Kaito” and “Detective Conan”. The support rating was approximately 30%.

Phantom Thief Kid is a thief who has been looking for a jewelry called Big Jewel. The comments to him said, “When I think of a word 'stealing', only Kid pops into my mind. I think the setting of him that he has a reason to steal makes him better”, and “The total amount of damage is incredible because he steals jewels, but he is a nice thief who sometimes helps Conan in danger or protects a famous art by risking his life”.
He was also popular for having a strong policy, and a comment related to it said, “He never kills others, and he is kind enough to return a stolen jewelry if that is not his actual target”.

The 2nd place was Lupin the Third from “Lupin the Third”. The support rating was approximately 28%.

He is a grand child of the great thief Arsene Lupin. He was supported for stealing literally everything, and comments mentioned that said, “He is the man of theft! Although he is clumsy and too kind for Fujiko, he beautifully steals the treasure. I also like his lines to Detective Zenigata, 'Goodbye, father'” and “He is a grand thief who unexpectedly appears and disappears. He also steals someone's feeling”.

The 3rd places Nami from “One Piece”. The support rating was approximately 7%.

Nami is the navigator of Straw Hat Pirates, with the past of being a thief who only targeted the pirates. The voices to her said, “She was impressive for working for her family and friends by stealing pirates' belongings to protect her town”, and “she also has a nickname of Cat Burglar Nami”.

The top 3 were dominated by the characters from the anime, which has been broadcast for a long period of time.

■Introducing other comments!
To Blue Cat from “Star☆Twinkle Pretty Cure”: “She is a thief, a Pretty Cure, and a therianthrope…she was full of settings.”
To Kuroro from “HUNTER×HUNTER”: “He is a thief of stealing the ability of others.”

Gian from “Doraemon”: “I think he is a thief because he says that he borrows your manga forever”.
To Gru from “Despicable Me 3D”: “The Minions receive much more support than him in general, but I like Gru. He is sometimes too kind to be a villain, and his voice in Japanese dub version is Shoufukutei Tsurube-san”.

In this ranking, there are many supporters for the thief who has a reason for stealing and sometimes becomes a hero of justice.

■Overall Ranking
[Who reminds you of a thief character from anime?]
1st: Phantom Thief Kid (Kuroba Kaito) from “Magic Kaito” and “Detective Conan”
2nd: Lupin the Third from “Lupin the Third”
3rd: Nami from “One Piece”
4th: Blue Cat (Yuni) from “Start☆Twinkle Pretty Cure”
6th: Kuroro Lucilfer from “HUNTER×HUNTER”
6th: Gian from “Doraemon”
6th: Joker from “Phantom Thief Joker”
6th: Team Rocket from “Pokemon”

(Survey conducted: Apr. 28, 2020 to May 5)