Four anime masterpieces, including “AKIRA” and “Steamboy”, directed by Otomo Katsuhiro, who is considered Japan's leading manga artist and animation director, are now available on “au Smart Pass”.

The movie “AKIRA” influenced many domestic and international movie directors. Set in a futuristic Neo Tokyo in 2019, 30 years after World War III, the story follows a biker gang involved in a conspiracy to control a powerful force known as “Akira”.

“Steamboy” is a thrilling steampunk action movie and the first full-length animation after 16 years since the release of “AKIRA,” which was in production for nine years and utilized more than 180,000 drawings.

In addition, two more works are currently broadcast; the omnibus animation masterpiece consisting of three shorts, “MEMORIES”, and the omnibus “SHORT PEACE”, which is a collaborative project composed of four short anime stories. Each story is produced by a spirited animation artist, including Morita Shuuhei of “Tokyo Ghoul”, Ando Hiroaki of “Ajin”, the mechanic designer Katoki Hajime, and Otomo Katsuhiro.

Furthermore, a special page summarizing the highlights of the four films, the director's insights, and others is also available for viewing.

Four productions by Otomo Katsuhiro are available on “au Smart Pass Premium”, which offers entertainment services (also accessible on smartphones) such as videos, music, books, live, and other, since Mar. 28.

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