Matou Sakura in the ominous yet beautiful “Makiri's Grail” appearance from the movie “Fate/stay night [Heaven's Feel]” will get a 1/7 scale figure. Pre-orders are available only at “ANIPLEX+”.

This product is a faithful recreation of Matou Sakura in the Makiri's Grail appearance based on the posture designed by the illustrator Yamanaka Kotetsu.
The molding was created in a lively motion to make the dark shadow seem alive while shrouding Sakura body, which is the characteristic of this product.

The tattoo that was created precisely from the tip of her toe to the tip of her finger and Sakura's expressions that look different based on the angle are also the highlights of this product.

Moreover, this product with a “Visor with bang parts” that can be used for “Saber Alter 1/7 scale figure (sold separately)”, where pre-orders are re-open until May 10, 2020″. Together with the specialized pedestal use to decorate both the figures, the world setting from the movie can be recreated and enjoyed.

“Matou Sakura -Makiri's Grail- 1/7 scale figure” is priced at 22,000 JPY (tax inclusive). Pre-orders are available at “ANIPLEX+” from Mar. 21 until Jul. 31, 2020. The release date is scheduled for Feb. 2021.