The TV anime “Ahiru no Sora” releases its latest key visual. Along with it, information about the new opening and ending theme was revealed.

“Ahiru no Sora” is originally a manga serialized in “Weekly Shonen Magazine” by Hinata Takeshi. The comics have been published over 24 million copies in total.
Kurumatani Sora, the protagonist who wasn't gifted with stature, uses his passion for basketball and positive vibe to reboot the basketball club of “Kuzuryuu High School” AKA “Kuzu High” (kuzu meaning trash in Japanese). It's a youthful story where Sora and the other basketball club members face difficulties.

The new key visual depicts the members of Kuzuryuu High School and Yokohama Daiei High School confronting each other. The intense image gives you a sense of what the characters are feeling and how the story develops.

Also, the theme songs are being renewed from Apr. The opening song will be “Humming Bird” by BLUE ENCOUNT and the ending song will be “Hikari Sasu Hou e” (Towards the shining light) by Miyano Mamoru. Let's look forward to the music by BLUE ENCOUNT, which is included in the “Ahiru songs” (songs which the author, Hinata Takeshi, listens to during his work), and Miyano Mamoru, who is involved with the anime as the voice of Shigeyoshi Kaname.

In addition, a radio program with the cast members will begin in Apr. Taniguchi Yuna, voicing Nanao Nao, will be the personality of the program. They will be talking about the attractions of the title on the program, so if you're a fan, don't forget to check it out along with the anime.

The TV anime “Ahiru no Sora” is broadcast on the 6 channels affiliated with TV Tokyo, on every Wednesday.

(C)Hinata Takeshi・Kodansha / “Ahiru no Sora” Production Committee・TV Tokyo