From Pokémon comes a necklace inspired by the Pokemon Magikarp. Pre-orders are currently accepted at “U-Treasure Online Shop” and “U-Treasure Shinjuku Store”.

The product is a necklace featuring the Magikarp’s “Splash”. The top of the pendant is decorated with the figure of “Magikarp”, which is drown in despair while expressing a sense of weakness and pity. It is available in silver and 18k yellow gold with a limited number of 129 products on sale, in accordance with Magikarp’s Pokédex number “No.129”.

“[Pokémon] Magikarp Necklace” is available for 12,900 JPY (tax included) for products using silver material with a limited number of 119, while only 10 products using gold (K18 yellow gold) material are available for 129,000 JPY (tax included). Pre-orders are accepted at “U-Treasure Online Shop”. The gold (K18 yellow gold) “Magikarp” necklace is delivered in paulownia boxes.

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