Japanese Consumers’ Co-operative Union had surveyed on “Which anime characters do wish to be the class teacher of the children?”. The 1st place goes to Doraemon from “Doraemon”, 2nd place is Anpanman from “Soreike! Anpanman”, and 3rd place is Edogawa Conan from “Detective Conan”.

This survey is one of the questions in the “2020 Survey regarding the Start of the New Life in Spring” conducted by Net Engine Co. Ltd. on 1000 nationwide females between the ages of 20 and 59.
1st place is taken by Doraemon from the anime “Doraemon”,which is famous nationwide, and the original manga was written by Fujiko・F・Fujio. This is due to the respondent expectation on the “secret gadgets”, which anyone would want to use it, will surely make the class be more exciting.

Following Doraemon, the 2nd place goes to Anpanman from “Soreike! Anpanman” born from the children’s book by Yanase Takashi. Despite being a hero that had received support for a long time from the children and mother, its everlasting popularity can be felt as the latest movie “Soreike! Anpanman Fuwafuwa Fuwari to Kumo no Kuni” will be released in Jun. 2020.

The 3rd place was Edogawa Conan from “Detective Conan” which is a deduction manga that is currently serialized in “Weekly Shounen Sunday”, written by Aoyama Gosho. As Conan had solved various difficult cases with his wisdom, he fit perfectly to the image of a class teacher. Do look out on Conan’s deduction in the latest movie “Detective Conan: The Scarlet Bullet” that will be released in Apr. and it had become an annual nation movie.

Moreover, the rest of the results are 4th place goes to Monkey・D・Luffy from “One Piece”, 5th place is Son Goku from “Dragon Ball”, 6th place is Fuguta Sazae from “Sazae-san”, 7th place is Koro-sensei from “Assassination Classroom”, 8th place is Mickey Mouse from “Mickey Mouse!”, 9th place is Fuguta Masuo from “Sazae-san”, 10th place is a tie between Kudou Shinichi from “Detective Conan” and Sakata Gintoki from “Gintama”.