From “My Hero Academia” come a 1/8 scale figure of Yaoyorozu Momo with creation quirk in her hero suits. Pre-orders are currently available at “AmiAmi Online Shop”.

This figure is based on Yaoyorozu Momo, who possessed the creation quirk that allows her to create anything except living beings, and a pedestal with the effect parts and American Comic Style word part is attached with it. The excellent proportions were recreated, and it also comes with two changeable parts on the expression, which are “normal face” and “smile face” (squishy face) where you can enjoy it.

“My Hero Academia Yaoyorozu Momo Hero Suits Ver. 1/8 Scale, Completed Painted Figure” is priced at 15,950 JPY (tax included) and plan to be release on Sep. 2019. As a limited bonus for ordering at “AmiAmi”, a “Mini Acrylic Character Plate (Yaoyorozu Momo Hero Suit Ver.)” will be given.

(C) Horikoshi Kouhei/Shueisha・My Hero Academia Production Committee