From “Dragon Ball Super”, a large-sized sofvi figure “Son Goku Ultra Instinct 'Sign'” appears under the “Gigantic Series” with an overall height of 45 cm. Preorders are available at “Premium Bandai”.

The item “Gigantic Series Dragon Ball Super Son Goku (Ultra Instinct 'Sign')” three-dimensionally reproduces the lively motion of the character facing his enemies, which is a new attempt for this series. The model recreates a merciless Goku in his awakened state, featuring wavering hair and the uniform damaged during the course of the battle.

It is reproduced in the Ultra Instinct form, and the unique aura that lights him up from below is expressed through the hair's gradation. You will be able to enjoy the new Goku in the state of God.

“Gigantic Series Dragon Ball Super Son Goku (Ultra Instinct 'Sign')” is priced at 14,300 JPY (tax included). Preorders are available at “Premium Bandai”, while shipping is scheduled for Jun. 2020.

(C) Bird Studio / Shueisha, Fuji TV, Toei Animation