Reigen Arataka, from “Mob Psycho 100 II”, is getting made into a figure. The figure's total height will be about 180mm. Pre-orders are being accepted through “Union Creative”.

The figure shows Reigen Arataka, who employs the show's protagonist Shigeo for an hourly wage of 300円, who also considers him his teacher.
Contrary to what you might expect from a fake psychic, Reigen figure gives off a rather dignified and cool vibe.

“( Mob Psycho 100 II ) Reigen Arataka” will cost 9500JPY (excluding tax). Pre-orders are being accepted through “Union Creative” until May. 7, 2020, and the product is scheduled to launch in Sep. 2020.

(C) ONE ・Shogakukan / “Mob Psycho II” Production Committee