TV anime “NG Knight Ramune & 40″‘s perfume, the fragrance products inspired by each characters from the anime, and the miscellaneous goods using the original design of the perfume are here.
The items are available on the online shop of Fairy Tale, a company that imports perfumes, called “Dreaming Princess”, and Amazon.

The ode perfume “Certificate of Hero” is the perfume that is inspired by the setting of “NG Knight Ramune & 40”. An original design was used for the packaging and the bottle design was finished off charmingly with the printing of the “metal coin”, that was used to summon King Sccasher”..

The fragrance products also express the fragrance of each characters, “Ode Toware Leska”, “Fragrance Body Mist Milk/Cocoa”, and “Fragrance Hand Gel Ramune/ Da Cider” are available.
In addition to the Acrylic stands which can hold the smartphone and the perfume, the acrylic key chains of each character, and the clear files.

“NG Knight Ramune & 40″‘s perfume, fragrance products, and miscellaneous items are available on the online store “Dreaming Princess”, and Amazon. Certain items will be sold later on Amazon.

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