From “JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable” comes a re-release of the fashion items inspired by Kira Yoshikage. Including the “Necktie” which “Kira Yoshikage” wears in the series, pre-orders of items such as, “Cardigan”, “Beanie”, “T-shirt”, “Scarf”, and “Handkerchief”, are being accepted at “Bandai Fashion Collection”.

The re-sale items are a commemoration of Kira Yoshikage's birthday. Each item has Kira Yoshikage's unique skull mark designed on it.

The “Necktie” has 5 colors; purple which Kira Yoshikage wears in the series, white which can be used in wedding scenes, black for everyday use, navy, and wine red. They have used more yarn than regular neckties adding volume to it and giving it the luxurious taste of 100% silk. Also, the skull is placed just in the right position so it comes to the knot just like Kira Yoshikage.

The “Jacquard Knit Set” is a Cowichan style “Cardigan” which the jacquard fabric keeps you warm, and a “Beanie” with the letters KILLER QUEEN. They go together well as your outfit.
The “T-shirt” has the unique skulls patterned all over.

The “Scarf” is also jacquard fabric with the pattern of Kira Yoshikage's tie along with geometric patterns. It is reversible with double-layered fabric adding thickness and luxury. You can even add to the volume by folding it.

The “Handkerchief Set” is a fashionable handkerchief and pins set with an original design. They have some nice wrapping paper making it a great choice as a present.

Pre-orders of each of the items are accepted at “Bandai Fashion Collection” until Mar. 31, 2020, and shipping is scheduled for Apr. (shipping for “necktie” is scheduled for Jul.) Note that some of the sizes and colors have already sold out, so please check out the product pages for details.

The “Leather Wallet”, “Leather Long Wallet” and “Leather Belt” are also being re-sold.

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