Nendoroid Kishibe Rohan from the TV Anime "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure" is here. Preorders are currently available on "Goodsmile Online Shop" and other.

The new figure is the 6th release from the "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure" Nendoroid series, following "Nendoroid Bruno Bucciarati", "Nendoroid Giorno Giovanna", "Nendoroid DIO", "Nendoroid Kakyouin Noriaki", and "Nendoroid Kujo Jotaro". Since it has fully movable parts, you will be able to display your figure in many different poses.

Various facial expressions are also included, such as an intellectual "usual face", a dreadful "battle face", and a "but I refuse face" that will instantly remind you of the most famous scene of Kishibe Rohan.

Accessories include the "pen" and "manuscript" of the manga artist Kishibe Rohan, a plate featuring his stand "Heaven's Door", and his "sketchbook". In addition, there are wrists replaceable components, making possible to display your figure in different poses.

The price of the "Nendoroid Kishibe Rohan" is 4,980 JPY (tax excluded). Preorders are available on "Good Smile Shop" and other from Dec. 12, 2019. The release is scheduled for Jul., 2020.

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