1/7 scale figures of “Saber”, ” Tohsaka Rin”, and “Matou Sakura” from “‘Fate/stay night’ -15th Celebration Project-“, wearing dresses designed by Takeuchi Takashi, have appeared. Reservations are available at the “Good Smile Online Shop” until Apr. 8, 2020.

These items have appeared from the 15th anniversary project, “‘Fate/stay night’-15th Celebration Project” from the PC game “Fate/stay night”. There is also a Premium BOX specification that include the three figures as a set with “Premium luxury benefits” (contents will be released at a later date) and a “Special makeup box”..

“Saber” is in an elegant white dress . The noble and beautiful image of “Saber” was reproduced with delicate modeling and coloring.

“Tohsaka Rin” is in an elegant crimson dress. Cheerful and beautiful Rin have appeared three-dimensionally as the modeling was pictured.

“Matou Sakura” is in an elegant purple dress. Her fragile and beautiful image was attractively produced by the delicate modeling.

The set with each figures “Saber Tohsaka Rin Matou Sakura-15th Celebration Dress Ver.- Premium Box” is priced at 40,909 JPY (tax excluded.)
Reservations is available at the “Good Smile Online Shop” until Apr. 8, 2020, and it will be released in Jun. 2021. Also, the single figure is also on sale.