Bluray for the OVA series of a yaoi manga released in 2005, called “Embracing Love” , will be on sale from Feb. 26, 2020.
While the original manga serialized in “BE・BOY GOLD” will soon reach its climax, the fans can enjoy the scene in which Iwaki and Katou meets for the first time.

“Embracing Love I・II” is the OVA series of yaoi manga “Embracing Love”by Nitta Youka.
Iwaki Kyousuke and Katou Youji are famous adult film stars. To leave the industry, they decided to take an audition for the movie, “Embracing Love”. After both performing great scenes on bed, Iwaki became the protagonist of the movie. The movie was a great hit and became a TV series, but the person chosen to be the heroine was Katou who failed the audition. Iwaki and Katou met again and were becoming attracted to one another…

An exclusive gift “the originally designed reversible visual card with a message from Nitta Youka” will come attached with the purchase of the first limited batch of Blu-ray produced. In addition to it, reminiscent item such as the “reprint booklet” is also available.

Blu-ray “Embracing Love I・II” will be on sale on Feb. 26, 2020. The price will be 5,800 JPY (tax excluded).

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