From the latest instalment of the series, “Healin’ Good PreCure” (Scheduled to broadcast Feb. 2, 2020) comes a Transformation Item “Cure Touch Transformation Healing Stick DX” used by the three characters for their transformations. It is scheduled to be sold on Feb. 1, 2020. This product is the first in line of a series of goods that are scheduled for release consecutively.

“Cure Touch Transformation Healing Stick DX” is a transformation stick which each PreCure’s partner, known as a “Healing Animal”, resides in.
When the various Healing Animals face parts and elements are assembled, each Healing Animal will activate with the declaration of: “Start! PreCure Operation!”. By pressing the springy paw pad button located in the middle of the stick, the transformation declaration will activate and users can play and enjoy the feeling of having transformed into a PreCure themselves.

Each Flower, Water and Light element bottle, comes with Face Parts belonging to three different types of Healing Animals: Rabirin, Pegitan and Nyatoran.You can transform into Cure Grace, Cure Fontain and Cure Sparkle with the product. Additionally, it can detect each element bottle, also the ones sold separately, to recreate the element moves. Moreover, you can communicate with Rabirin and the other Healing Animals and play 4 types of mini-games.

In addition to the Transformation Healing Stick that allows you to transform into PreCure, an indispensable Link Item known as the “Elemental Bottle” used by “Latte”, the queen of the Healing Garden featured in the show, makes an appearance. The Harvest, Ice and Lightning Elemental Bottles make up “Elemental Bottle Set 1”. Latte’s Soft Toy Helper, “Stethoscope Pi Talking Latte”, makes an appearance as well.

This time, items used by PreCure in the program ending, Doll Series as well as a variety of Healin’ Good series toys are scheduled to be developed.

“Cure Touch Transformation Healing Stick DX” is priced at 7,128 JPY (Tax included), “Elemental Bottle Set 1” is priced at 1,815 JPY (Tax Included) and “Stethoscope Pi Talking Latte” is priced at 8,580 JPY (Tax Included)

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