Commemorative items such as the multi-use shoulder bag made out of genuine leather, various accessories, T-shirt, and others, geared towards adults to celebrate the 15th anniversary of "Futari wa PreCure Max Heart", the 10th anniversary of "Heart Catch PreCure!" and the 5th anniversary of "GO! Princess PreCure" released. They are currently available for pre-order at "Premium Bandai".

The items were released to commemorate the upcoming 15th anniversary of "Futari wa PreCure Max Heart", the upcoming 10th anniversary of "Heart Catch PreCure!", and the upcoming 5th anniversary of "GO! Princess PreCure" released. The lineup consists of luxurious items for adults.

A wallet, card case, key case and multi-use shoulder bag were released for "Futari wa PreCure Max Heart". The concept for the products was that they were "easy to use in daily life and always reminiscent of the excitement one felt back then…"

The original limited edition items have designs inspired by the images of the fairies Mepple, Mipple, Pollun, Lulun and Precure logo. The front is made of genuine leather with the inner lining is made of Shantung fabric; the lining of Cure Black is pink, the lining of Cure White is blue, the lining of Shiny Luminous is yellow.
In addition, the image colors for each Pretty Cure were recreated into Swarovski crystals that decorate their respective designs; fuchsia for Cure Black, denim blue for Cure White, and antique pink for Shiny Luminous.

An accessory line based on their devices, "Heart Perfume", "Shiny Perfume" and "The Heart Pot" as a motif were released for "Heart Catch PreCure!". The design is made of gold and each member's characteristic color is recreated through Swarovski crystals.

In addition, T-shirts, hoodies, half-sized towels and totebags were released at the same time. The back of the T-shirts, hoodies and toteback have the 10th anniversary design with the illustration of Cure Blossom, Cure Marine, Cure Sunshine and Cure Moonlight as well as a design with the character silhouettes with their respective flower motifs. The limited edition original design T-shirt and towel using the four Pretty Cure's image, will be available on "Premium Bandai" soon.

Four types of accessories, a necklace, ear accessories (earrings and clip-on earrings), a keychain and a keyring were released for "Go! Princess PreCure". The accessory series uses the dress-up key that the characters use to transform as a motif.

The respective characteristics of the dress-up keys for Cure Flora, Cure Mermaid, Cure Twinkle, and Cure Scarlet were faithfully recreated. The accessories look luxurious with the symbolic mark on the chest decorated with Swarovski crystals and pearls.

In addition, a limited edition original design towel using the fashion items of the four Pretty Cure such as their costumes, tiaras, and others, is planned to be released in the near future.

Each item is available for pre-order on "Premium Bandai".

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