The main trailer for “High School Fleet the Movie” (Roadshow Jan. 18, 2020) is released. In the trailer, together with the theme song “Free Turn” by TrySail, it also includes contents such as new movie characters, a warship battle, and a drama between the members.

“High School Fleet the Movie” is the latest movie for the original animation “High School Fleet” that was written by Suzuki Takaaki (known for “Strike Witches” and “Girls & Panzer”)).

The story, set on Yokosuka, starts with the gathering of students from all Girl’s Marine High School (including Kurem, Maizuru and Sasebo), where a cultural and sports festival called “Competing Game Gathering” is held. Akeno and others are also busy preparing the welcome party for the member of the Harukaze class. The large battleship class which are Yamato, Shinano, Kii and others were also gathered. A new “pinch” is closing in on the girls while they are in the midst the performance and competition…

“High School Fleet the Movie” will be released on Jan. 18, 2020.
The “Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise”×”High School Fleet the Movie” Collaboration Campaign will be held during the period of Jan. 4 ~ Feb. 2, 2020

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