"AKIRA ART WALL" was an art performance inspired by "AKIRA" (Ootomo Katsuhiro's masterpiece) on the temporary fencing of the 3-year reconstruction of Shibuya PARCO, Tokyo. Part of this wall will be recreated as a "Digital Public Art" for a limited 4 days; Dec. 13 to Dec. 16, 2019.

The manga artist and film director, Ootomo Katsuhiro rebuilt his masterpiece "AKIRA" with the help of collage artist, Kawamura Kosuke, as "AKIRA ART WALL" which was an art performance on the temporary fencing of Shibuya PARCO for three years. It received the Good Design Award in 2018 with many fans including celebrities from overseas coming to see it.

"AKIRA ART OF WALL – INVISIBLE ART IN PUBLIC -" is an AR project in which a part of the wall becomes visible by reading the QR code in the shop on the first floor of Shibuya PARCO. It is a limited event only for 4 nights so don't miss it!

"AKIRA ART OF WALL – INVISIBLE ART IN PUBLIC -" is held at Shibuya PARCO from Dec. 13 to 16. Check out the special webpage for details of the event.