Megumin, a character from "God's Blessing on this Wonderful World!" novel series, which was then made into animation, celebrated her birthday on Dec. 4. For this commemoration, a lineup of the numerous "Red Mage Clan" goods is available in the "KonoSuba Explosion Fair" which is currently being held by "Kadokawa Store"

"KonoSuba Explosion Fair" is a goods fair to commemorate the birthday of Megumin from the "Red Mage Clan" in "God's Blessing on this Wonderful World!" which has started from Dec. 4
The lineup of the merchandise are themed with the original illustration of the "Red Mage Clan" characters like Megumin and Yunyun.

"Konosuba Explosion Fair" merchandise can be pre-ordered in "Kadokawa Store", specialized shops and hobby shops from Dec. 4, 2019 to Jan. 18 11:59 pm. Merchandise will be sold from Mar. 2, 2020.
Moreover, "God's Blessing on this Wonderful World!" fair is also being held in "Kadokawa Store" and during this limited period, a "Mini Pop Stamps" ( all 6 types ) will be given for each purchased of the selected merchandise. (C)Akatsuki Natsume/Mishima Kurone Publisher: KADOKAWA Corporation