The MV of the title song “Bad Ass Temple Funky Sounds” recorded on the debut CD of the Nagoya Division, “Bad Ass Temple” from 『Hypnosis Mic -Division Rap Battle-』 was released. It was also known that the same song was produced by a hip-hop group residing in Nagoya named 「nobodyknows+」.

The MV was sung by Harai Kuko(CV:Hayama Shota), Aimono Jyushi(CV:Sakakihara Yuuki), Amaguni Hitoya(CV:Takeuchi Eiji) making up the Nagoya Division “Bad Ass Temple”.
The song lyrics were by Crystal Boy, Yasu Ichiban? , HIDDEN FISH, Nori da Funky Shibire-sasu while the composition and arrangements were by DJ MITSU.

It was also announced that this time, exclusive CD cover arts can be purchased separately at each store. While 56mm can badges & bromides can be found at Animate, tickets holder at, A5 clear files at HMV, square can badges at ELR Store, A3 clear posters at Gamers, 2L format bromides at TOWER RECORDS, postcards with calendars at TSUTAYA (Except for some stores, online is only available for reservations), pass cases from Rakuten Books, IC card stickers for manufacturer exclusives, and red stamp-style notebooks for area exclusives.

CD 「Bad Ass Temple Funky Sounds」 will be on sale on Nov. 27, 2019. Priced at ¥ 2,300 (Not including tax).
Furthermore, by gathering the “5thLIVE Fastest Advance Application Serial Number A” included in the Osaka Division “Dotsuitara Honpo” 「AO Osaka Dreamin’night」 CD and the “5thLIVE Fastest Advance Application Serial Number B” included in this CD, fans can immediately apply for the 「Hypnosis Mike-Division Rap Battle-5th LIVE」 which will be held on Mar. 28 and 29, 2020.