New visuals of “Saekano the Movie: Finale” have been released. These visuals are new illustrations of the characters after the end of the film by CloverWorks.

“Saekano the Movie: Finale” is originally from the light novel “Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend” published by KADOKAWA Fantasia Bunko.
Following the first season (broadcast in 2015) and the second season (broadcast in 2017) of the TV anime, the final movement of “Koi no Furagu no Rhapsody” will be portrayed in the film.

The new visuals released are the counterparts of the key visuals of the film, and the catchphrase is “We’ve reached a place where we all can stay laughing!”. The visuals are as emotional as the catchphrase.
Some theaters have the posters with these new visuals, and the special gift for the 4th week is an A5 pin-up poster which also has these new visuals and will hit those who have watched the movie.

“Saekano the Movie: Finale” has been in theaters since Oct. 26, 2019.

“Saekano the Movie: Finale”
Release date: Oct. 26, 2019
Now showing in theaters
(C)2019 Maruto Fumiaki・Misaki Kurehito・KADOKAWA Fantasia Bunko/ Eiga mo Saenai production committee