The main heroine, Katou Megumi from the movie “Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata Fine”, has become a figure wearing a maid outfit. Pre-orders are currently available at “ANIPLEX+”.

The product is created carefully based on the original illustration by Misaki Kureto. While maintaining the situation of the illustration carefully, such as the flowing hair, the lightly puff skirt, and the posture that looks like she is going to move, the fixation molding and coloring will make you forgot about the 1/7 scale size.

As the figure was created faithfully to the original illustration, enjoy not only the recreation of the detailed parts such as the lace on the original clothing, but also the main heroine, Katou Megumi in the maid outfit that gives off a different atmosphere.

“Katou Megumi Maid Ver.” is priced at 16,500 JPY (tax included). Pre-orders are currently available at “ANIPLEX+”.

(C) 2019 Maruto Fumiaki, Misaki Kureto, KADOKAWA Fantasia Bunko/Eiga mo Saenai Production Committee