Nov. 8 is 「Good Skin Day」.
It is established from the Japanese words 「いい (11) (ii: good) 肌(8) (hada: skin)」.

There are many characters in anime that are highly conscious of beauty. People have different aesthetics, such as training that makes you look beautiful, gathering gorgeous artwork, or having a unique fashion sense.

With that in mind, Anime! Anime! held a survey titled 「Which anime characters have high aesthetics?」. During the survey period from Oct. 24 to Oct. 31, 85 responses were gathered. The gender ratio is about 35% for men and 65% for women. While the age group is about 45% for those aged 19 and under, and about 30% for those are in their 20s.

■The winner is Narukami Arashi from 『Ensemble Stars!』 who is believed to have high sense of aesthetics.
Narukami Arashi from 『Ensemble Stars!』 is ranked 1st place. He gathered 7% of the total votes.
Narukami Arashi is a member of the Knights Unit who has a sisterly personality. He is active as a model, and the readers have commented, “Because he is very conscious of beauty!” And “his aesthetic sense is better than me, even though I am a girl.”

In the 2nd place, there is Matsuno Todomatsu from 『Osomatsu-san』.
The youngest brother of the Matsuno family. “He has the best fashion sense among his other siblings, and I was impressed by his parasol. He also takes care of his skin well,” this is a comment that referenced to things shown in the main story.

In the 3rd place is 『LoveLive!』 Yazawa Nico.
The member of school idol unit μ’s, who is famous for her 「Nico Nico Nii」. She sets high standards and great professionalism as a school idol. “She even brought green packs and cucumbers for training camps and expeditions! She’s got nothing but aesthetics.” A reader complimented her efforts to maintain beautiful skin.

■ Here are some other comments we received!!
Boa Hancock from 『One Piece』: “she’s known for her elegant beauty, and because she believes that she’s beautiful, looks like she has high aesthetics” and “I might forgive her for anything because she’s just too beautiful.”

Lilia Baranovskaya from 『Yuri!!! on ICE』: “Her beauty is overwhelming. It is meaningless if one’s strong yet not beautiful” and “there is a clear line about aesthetics in the works. Former Bolshoi Ballet Prima setting is too strong as a beauty evangelist!”.
Howl from 『Howl’s Moving Castle』: “his line ‘I see no point in living if I can’t be beautiful’ is very impressive” one of Ghibli characters also made it to the list.

This time, very different types of characters are voted, and there were a variety of personalities such as princessly personality and those with little self-consciousness. The next page is a full list of characters voted for this survey, so please check it out!

[Which anime characters have high aesthetics?]
1. Narukami Arashi 『Ensemble Stars!』
2. Matsuno Todomatsu 『Osomatsu-san』
3. Yazawa Nico 『LoveLive!』
4. Kasumi Yozora 『Aikatsu Stars!』
4. Kise Ryota 『Kuroko no Basket』
4. Zarbon 『Dragonball Z』
4. Boa Hancock 『One Piece』

(Voting period: Oct. 24 – Oct. 31, 2019)

■List of voted anime characters
[Which anime characters have high aesthetics?]
Narukami Arashi 『Ensemble Stars!』
Sena Izumi 『Ensemble Stars!』
Yazawa Nico 『LoveLive!』
Kanzaki Mizuki 『Aikatsu!』
Kasumi Yozora 『Aikatsu Stars!』
Kasumi Mahiru 『Aikatsu Stars!』
Matsuno Todomatsu 『Osomatsu-san』
Kise Ryota 『Kuroko no Basket』
Zarbon 『Dragonball Z』
Boa Hancock 『One Piece』
Alvida 『One Piece』
Cavendish 『One Piece』
Emilia 『Re:Zero』
Sunny 『Toriko』
Nena Trinity 『Mobile Suit Gundam 00』
Howl 『Howl’s Moving Castle』
Fuguta Sazae 『Sazae-san』
Asato Ai 『Kochikame』
Princess Merola 『The Snack World』
Lilia Baranovskaya 『Yuri!!! on ICE』
Aizome Kento 『B-PROJECT~Kodou*Ambitious~』
Amuro Tooru 『Detective Conan』
Tsukimiya Ringo 『Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ Maji LOVE』 Series
Ichinose Tokiya 『Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ Maji LOVE』 Series
Kashuu Kiyomitsu 『Touken Ranbu』
Kasen Kanesada 『Touken Ranbu』
Kaiba Seto 『Yu-Gi-Oh』
Kitagami Mimi 『Gokujo!! Mecha Mote Iinchou』
Tachibana Marika 『Nisekoi』
Kotozume Yukari 『KiraKira☆PreCure a la Mode』
Minamoto Shizuka 『Doraemon』
Mishakuji Yukari 『K』
Teruhashi Kokomi 『The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.』
Izumida Azami 『A3!』
Someya Lily 『Wasteful Days of Highschool Girls』
Nakano Nino 『The Quissential Quintuplets』
Toudou Jinpachi 『Yowamushi Pedal』
Shiroyukihime 『HappinessCharge PreCure!』
Hagakure Tooru 『My Hero Academia』
Ryugazaki Rei 『Free!』
Rokuya Nagi 『Idolish7』
Lizard Misty 『Saint Seiya』

(Voting period: Oct. 24 – Oct. 31, 2019)