In celebration of 15 years having passed since the official screening of “Howl’s Moving Castle,” the “Howl’s Moving Castle Movie 15th Anniversary Campaign” will open on Nov. 16th in every Donguri Republic outlet across Japan and at the Sora no Ue online store. New merchandise, such as pouches, tote bags, earrings, and much more, will make an appearance.

The mop-like dog “Hin” from the movie will turn into an actual “Howl’s Moving Castle GoGo Hin Mop”, and Howl’s clothing patterns and flowers from the bed covers are now going to be a design for a series of small textile items “Howl’s Moving Castle Howl Antique Series (4 items)”; all kinds of merchandise with the movie motifs will be on sale.

In addition, the Donguri Republic store chain will be having a promotion for those who buy merchandise worth JPY 3,000 (before tax) or more that includes “Howl’s Moving Castle” products; those lucky buyers will be given “Howl’s Moving Castle Original Key-chains” with the original logo for free.

The “Howl’s Moving Castle Movie 15th Anniversary Campaign” will be held starting Nov. 16, 2019 at all Japanese Donguri Republic outlets and at the Sora-no-Ue online store.

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