An anniversary merchandise from the TV anime “Gintama” celebrating Kagura’s birthday called the “Birthday Set: Kagura” is coming out. The set includes 5 items: a teddy bear wearing Kagura’s costume, an acrylic key-chain, a badge, a bromide, and an acrylic photo frame, and is slated for sale onMar. 20, 2020.

The TV series “Gintama” is a tale of gags and drama based on Sorachi Hideaki’s manga serialised in Weekly Shōnen Jump. Now, there’s going to be a merchandise set celebrating a “Gintama” character Kagura’s birthday, Mar. 11 and out on the same day.

“The Birthday Set” is not only a solid, approx. 23cm-tall fluffy teddy bear wearing Kagura’s costume and the birthday date embroidered on its paw — also bundled are a special illustration-based acrylic key-chain and a holographic badge, a bromide sheet and an acrylic photograph frame — 5 things in total . The illustration featuring Kagura herself smiling and holding up a teddy bear.

The “Birthday Set: Kagura” preorders will be accepted from Apr. 3, 2019 to 12/4/2019, and it’s planned to go on sale Mar. 20, 2020.