Anime lovers must see! Introducing hot movies that were released.
The hot movie of the second week of October is 「Her Blue Sky」. This work is a new original animation movie presented by the creator team 「Super Peace Busters,」 known for 「Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day and TheAnthem of the Heart.」 The team consists of director Nagai Tatsuyuki, screenwriter Okada Mari, and character design and general drawing director Tanaka Masayoshi.
Pay attention to the songs by Aimyon, who is in charge of the theme song 「To Those Who Know the Blueness of the Sky,”Her Blue Sky」 written from the perspective of Shinosuke, and “Aoi,” from the perspective of Aoi.
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“Her Blue Sky” / R”Her Blue Sky / released on October 11

Aioi Aoi is a 17-year-old high school student who lives in a town surrounded by mountains. Even though it’s an important time to decide on a future course, she doesn’t study for her exams. When she has time, she plays her beloved bass and immerses herself in music every day. Her older sr sister Akane can’t help but worry about Aoi. They had lost their parents in an accident 13 years ago.
Akane, who was a third-year high school student at that time, gave up her dream of going to Tokyo with her boyfriend,Kanomura Shinnosuke, and got a job locally. Since then, she had been living with Aoi as her parent. Aoi has felt indebted to Akane, who had givengave up many things in order to raise Aoi.

One day, Shinnosuke’s name was mentioned as a back musician for a music festival held in their town. After graduating from high school, Akane’s ex-boyfriend Shinnosuke went to Tokyo and lost contact with her. He will be returning to their town.
At the same time, 18 year-old Kanomura Shinnosuke traveled through time from 13 years ago…
“Shinno” appeared in front of Aoi. Her love in Shinno begins to grow, triggered by an unexpected reunion.

Meanwhile, Akane and Shinnosuke will meet again after 13 years. A subtle and mysterious square relationship … The “second first love” that connects the past and the present begins.

■ Director: Nagai Tatsuyuki
■ Screenplay: Okada Mari
■ Character Design / General Drawing Director: Tanaka Masayoshi
■ Theme song: Aimyon (unBORDE / Warner Music Japan)
■ Music: Yokoyama Masaru
■ Original: Super Peace Busters
■ Production: CloverWorks
■ Production: Aniplex Fuji Television Toho STORY KADOKAWA
■ Distribution: Toho