From the feature- animation film **The Person Who Knows How Blue the Sky Is** (released on October 11, 2019), the latest preview video using the theme song “Mellow Blue (Aoi)” sung by Aimyon was released. In addition, the announcement of advance ticket benefits and visitor gifts .

**The Person Who Knows How Blue the Sky Is** is a new orginal story feature animation which reunites the creator team “Super Peace Busters” that includes **AnoHana** and **The Anthem of the Heart Director, Nagai Tatsuyuki, Screenwriter, Okada Mari andThe creator team “Cho Heiwa Busters-Super Peace Busters”consisting of the director, Tatsuyuki Nagai, screenwriter, Mari Okada, character design, general drawing director, Masayosi Tanaka, produced “The person who knows the blueness of the sky,” said, “We still don’t know the name of the flower we saw that day. “I want my heart to scream.
character desginer/ general drawing direction, Tanaka Masayoshi.they met again and made a new feature animation movie.

Set in a town surrounded by mountains, this is a story about
Aoi Aioi, a 17-year-old high school second grader, Aoi’s older sister Akane,who gave up going to Tokyo with her boyfriend, returning to her hometown and getting a joband returned to her hometown and got a job, Akane’s former boyfriend guitarist ShinnosukeShinnosuke, who came back to the town isand
reunited with Akane for the first time in 13 years.
The High school aged Shinosuke “Shino”and Shinosuke of in his high school age“Shino”appears in front of Aoi, time travelling over 13 years., who appeared in front of Aoi ,time traveling over 13 years
They interweave, a mysterious andmysteriousand four-sided relationshippainful square relationship, connecting the past and the present.
This is a story of “ The Second First Lovethe Second First Love”.

The latest preview video of this work was released. In addition to **The Person Who Knows How Blue the Sky Is**“A man who knows the blueness of the sky”that Aimyon wrote in Shinnosuke’s perspective that Aimyon wrote with Shinnosuke’s eyes, “Mellow Blue (Aoi)Aoi” that was written with changed to take Aoi’s perspective and was unveiled for the first time.Aoi’s eyes ,changing a perspective, was unveiled for the first time.

Also, live song of “The Person Who Knows How Blue the Sky Is”“A person who knows the blueness of the sky” by Aimyon is announced at “Music Station” broadcast on September 13 at 20:00. After that, the music video of the song will be premiered on the official YouTube account from 23:00.

4 types of “Advance Ticket Special Limited Visual Wallpaper willWallpaperwill be given to “.” for all Mubichike Advance Ticket purchasers and visitors.”.
Mubi Chike Advance Ticket benefits include illustration poster visuals, original anime illustrations, illustrations drawn by Mayoshi Tanaka, and cast photo limited visuals.
As a gift for visitors, a long-awaited special collaboration between *AnoHana: The Flower We Saw That Day**, **The Anthem of the Heart** and **Her Blue Sky**“Anohana”, “Kokosake”, and “Sora Ao” make special collaborations, which is long- waited by fans
have produced a A4 clear file with the three heroines; Menma, Jun and Aoi, all drawn by Tanaka Masayoshi.A long-awaited A4 clear file on which three heroines, Menma, Jun, and Aoi are drawn by Masayoshi Tanaka.